Basically, 2015 is slipping by


Words and Styling By Adam Jeffery

Photography Assisted By Xu Ying Zhu

2015 is winding down and there are just so many things I wanted to do but couldn’t (or rather didn’t do…curse you lingering Senioritis from University!). I know, I know… 2016 is another year full of opportunities but with the coming of a new year means new adventures and sometime that means the goals we set out for 2015 are either forgotten or changed (for those who were able to check their New Year’s resolution…I salute you). I fret, I regret not doing what I should have, could have, and would have. That said, I’m not going to waste a single day left in 2015!

Hooray! More things for me to do (as though I don’t have enough on my plate as it is with work and family). I’ve planned the theme and drafting that needs to be done for future projects and with everything (from looks, to sites, to what-to-do's) swirling in my head I had to just get out of my house (or the usual café I write in), picked whatever was in my closet (with careful consideration), and leaped into action (after picking a spot to shoot and a friend to help with the photography). I left everything to (calculated) fate and didn’t plan (much).

I needed a break form my internal curating and editing so I went with a clean and simple (AF) look with nothing but whites and my usual hints of blue here and there. Take a breather from your projects, clothing, and shooting and appreciate these last few days of 2015…they only come by once in a lifetime.

In This Shoot:

Shirt: Plain White Tee by Zara, Slim-Fit Oxford Sport Shirt By Ralph Lauren; Shorts: White Shorts by Uniqlo; Shoes: Drivers by Tod’s; Accessory: Corey Sunglasses by SunniesStudios, “Bleu Hujan Bracelet” and “Bleu Anchor’s Away Pendant” by MySunNice.