Café Review: X Coffee


Before coffee instagrammers or hipsters made how a café is decorated or how much a latte art has become a necessary component of coffee-drinking the beverage has been the elixir of life for many who work 9 to 5 (or 9 to forever). I’ve written about this many times before (here, here and maybe here too) but the essence of what makes a good café a “good café” is the coffee. It doesn’t matter how good the atmosphere or how fast the wifi is if the coffee tastes like dirt excreted from an animal and poured with blistering hot water then the cafe is, unfortunately, sh*t. I hate to be so blatant about this but there’s just too many cafe here that a line (made from the tears of so many cafe-owners that closed shop) must be made!

So, how is X Coffee? Well, despite the fact that it’s located in an office building (Q Sentral), minimal furniture & décor, and no wifi - its coffee is some good sh*t (I mean this in a good way).

Baby, Don’t Stop - Just Pick-Up & Go


X Coffee was conceived as a “pick-me-up” coffee shop where their customers (mostly office workers in the rat race, no offence...that said, one of the co-founders, Ana, was a part of said race but found salvation in coffee) would stop by, select their coffee and go. Hence, the décor (if it can even be referred to such) is minimal- which is not an issue at all. The few pieces that adorn the “coffee corner” is located near to their windows, 12 floors above the hustle and bustle of the world outside (to only be met by the hustle and bustle on the corporate ladder), allowing for ample natural lighting. That said, the demand for a sitting area to enjoy their coffee away from their desks for a short reprise has curated clean, minimal and naturally lit seating area, ideal for any #minimal lovers.


You’ve Gotta Be Fuglen Kidding With Me, It’s Delicious!


We’re not. The single origin coffee made from Fuglen’s Moreno Guayabo blend with beans sourced from Santa Barbara, Honduras, was just that good! If you don't mind coughing about RM 20 for some coffee to wake you up in midst of work. I may be a wordsmith with a hankering for some good coffee so I won’t lie to you, I’m not a coffee connoisseur! There! The truth is out! Sorry, too much coffee in my system. Jokes aside, I can’t really tell you why this cup of of coffee with its taste of blackberry, black currant, cherry, honey and almond (like an energy bar minus the oats) was amazing but it just was! The slight floral taste born from the sweet honey and berries is as though two lovers had grabbed a cup of espresso and did inappropriate things in a field of flowers. Don’t believe me? Go to a field with a cappuccino in hand...or better yet, just grab a cup of Fuglen coffee at X Coffee.




  • Coffee: The Fuglen coffee was orgasmic. – 5/5

  • Food: Not Applicable. We had lunch beforehand but the food option didn’t seem mouthwatering. – N/A

  • Customer Service: Brilliant! Ana and I clicked as we talked about her caffeinated aspirations. – 5/5

  • Décor: Somewhat of an afterthought but the minimal look and natural lighting pulled through.  – 4/5

  • Verdict: 93/100. One point away from perfection (total score wise). I can't say much about how the space or customer service is during lunch hour but when it's calm and serene it's definitely a café spot to hit up (even if it's in an office space).


In this shot, I am wearing my Grey short-sleeve sweatshirt by Uniqlo, black denim shorts by All Saints, my favourite pair of sunnies SEE 5346 by SEE Eyewearand ZeroGrand Chukka by Cole Haan. 

Styling & Creative Direction by Adam Jeffery

Photo Assistance by Mark Tan