A Clean Mess


There’s something about a piece/place/style that is visually messy which I simply cannot stand. Is it the apparent “laissez-faire,” “do not care-ness,” or even the chaotic nature of a mess that simply puts me off? Perhaps it is the thought of not being in control of what is in front of my lens?

At the end of the day, what, if any, is in our control? Can I control how the building behind me is being constructed in such a way that is visually appealing to me? No. However, what I can control is how much “control” I can put on the balance of my life such that it evens out the chaos (a messy way of putting things into perspective ain't it).



One way in which we all take charge of our own lives are the clothes that we style on our backs. There’s no such thing as “I just put whatever’s out there.” What you did was merely curate what’s available for you that makes you look somewhat decent (imagine what would have happened if you had put more thought into it you sexy beast, you). Starting various projects on my own (and with friends) have thrown me into the abyss of uncertainty and chaos.

With no direction to point me towards potential success except for my own inner compass I must be confident in all my decisions else I’m led astray by doubts and naysayers.


45deg Angle

In this messy world filled with cars, people, and nature (that don’t act as I want them to in my photos) I don a clean and simple outfit by Uniqlo. You can’t control the mess that everyone makes but you can clean up your own mess and it starts each morning as you ponder the meaning of life while gazing at your wardrobe thinking about the outfit that will empower your day (or at least, one that would attract attention).


Control your life and style with Uniqlo and their Linen collection. For a comfortable day with linen try out their Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt which uses French Linen. To top it all off, or bottom it all off as the case may be, Uniqlo's Dry Pleated Relaxed Pants. Accessorised with SEE 5346 by SEE Eyewear and ZeroGrand Chukka by Cole Haan

Styling & Creative Direction by Adam Jeffery.

Photo Assistance by Mark Tan.