Café Review: Caffè Crema


Tucked away in the back of Plaza Mont Kiara is a cozy corner full of warmth with the scent of coffee hanging heavily in the air within. Caffè Crema is a boutique cafe serving delicious tea and top notch coffee - next to a Japanese hair salon, 76Style (the perfect symbiosis to lure hipsters in for a wash, cut and style...all with a cuppa in hand).



If the previous cafe review depicted a café which was sleek and modern then Caffè Crema is a cafe with tradition and coziness. Full of varying shades of brown, reclaimed wooden furniture, lightbulbs glowing warmly from the ceiling, and all concentrated in such a small space creates a cozy space without much difficulty. Huge windows allow natural light into the otherwise enclosed (and somewhat claustrophobic) space providing for the optimal conditions to highlight a cuppa’s curves in all the right places.


Moka Not Mocha

The first time I ordered a Moka Pot (RM17) I was taken by surprised by how hot it was and how it wasn’t served in a cup but a pot. In my mind, I had thought that I ordered some kind of ice-blended mocha - which, as it turns out, I didn’t. Albeit slightly disappointed by the lack of ice the drink itself, however, was by no means disappointing!

A Moka Pot, or macchinetta (which literally translates into “small machine” for the pot that makes the beverage), is a stove-top coffee maker which produces a very rich espresso in a matter of minutes. The flavours of this espresso is much deeper and intense than a typical espresso. Although the bitterness is fairly strong it is well-balanced and goes down smoothly. One Moka Pot is worth two espresso shots.


Although their food options are quite limiting the coziness of the space and the quality of the coffee ought to be enough to merit a visit from a hipster, yuppie, or any weary city-dweller to unwind on a leather couch (or hard recycled wood) and sip on a caffeinated beverage all the while listening to a record player playing a jazzy tune in this cozy café called Caffè Crema.


My Verdict Summary:

  • Coffee: C'est bon– 5/5
  • Food: Meh~ Ce n’est pas mal – 3/5
  • Customer Service: Good – 4/5
  • Décor: Cozy – 4/5
  • Verdict: 80/100: Ce n’est pas mal / It was not bad! Try them out.