Taking Street Style Higher


It’s been a while since I went out fashion shooting with good friends and brilliant clothing. The last time I really went out and did a fashion shoot was during my time in Boston where amazing photographers were my friends. That said, what really differentiates between my time here and there is that I didn’t have to sweat bullets just to get some shots! Well, when all is said and done I managed to get some good shots taken thanks to some of my creative peers in Malaysia.

I’ve never been one for street style, especially the K-pop style that has taken hold of Malaysia, but what I will appreciate is streetwear with a dash of posh. Burton Menswear London is just that; a fitted look that hugs your every curves (which forces me to suck in this gut that I’m currently lugging around) with a design that highlights good ol’ British ingenuity while keeping it down-to-earth with its street style aesthetics. To elevate the style even further my friends and I went and shot at the highest level of a parking lot.


In this post I’m wearing my blue shirt by Burton Menswear London with Marc Jacobs jeans, my favourite pair of sunnies SEE 5346 by SEE Eyewear, and JBL headphones to give that entire look a slightly sophisticated edge (and a dash of red never hurts).

Styling & Creative Direction by Adam Jeffery.

Photography Assistance by Mark Tan & Kevin Chu.