A Little Burberry Goes A Long Way


A Little Burberry Goes A Long Way

Words: Yours Truly, Adam Jeffery (@i_am_madhatter93)

Photographs: @DonBorsch

Living in Boston, Massachusetts, has been nothing short of brilliance (well, it better be considering all the huge expenses I am required to pay just to be here) but its lack of “fashion sense” is at the point where people would ask and wonder why anyone would “dress up” and look dapper. Granted, it may have been too warm and humid to be wearing a buttoned-up shirt, tie, and sweater when I have more summer “appropriate” items but I wanted to wear Burberry to work…oh well, that’s the fashionista life.

While I do have a complete Burberry outfit, I decided to showcase the Burberry tie I had recently bought. The tie is a modern cut, hand-finished, check silk, in blue azure, and woven in Italy. It’s a classic Burberry design but at the time, modern and fresh with its pop of blue azure and shades of blue.

Style: Marks & Spencer blue and white long-sleeved shirt, Theory sweater, Levi's blue jeans, SEE Eyewear, Cole Haan ZeroGrand Chukka, and Burberry tie.